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Historic Port Richmond Preservation Association

Historic Port Richmond Preservation Association Official Logo


Historic Port Richmond Preservation Association is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, EIN: 82-2113175, which goal is to preserve the history in all matters related to the Historic Reformed Protestant Dutch Church which is located in the Port Richmond neighborhood on Staten Island, New York. 


• Preserve Historical Documents to keep in the best condition possible for generations to come.

• Maintenance and keep-up of the Cemetery site location.

• Community Outreach for both Port Richmond neighborhood and surrounding areas.

• Genealogical research to remember those who came before us.

• Host a variety of Community Events aimed towards supporting local law enforcement and U.S. Veterans and active duty military personnel.

• To be a presence to educate citizens and or not limited to students on the historical context regarding our site from the existence of 1600s, through the American Revolution Era to present day.

• Provide opportunities for first-hand tours on the  National Register of Historic Places location.  

Current Representation Board Members include: 

Dr. Warren Mac Kenzie, President 

Saul Porter, Board Member

Priscilla Marco, Board Member

Kathleen Langdon, Board Member

Vinnie Langdon III, Board Member 

Gary Lane Jr., Board Member 

Al Gilkeson, Board Member

Karen Quinones, Board Member 

Elaine Dean, Board Member

Sean Burkley, Board Member 

For more information appertaining the Historic Port Richmond Preservation Association you may contact us at 718-442-7393 or via e-mail at

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