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Former Ministers of Our Congregation We Remember: 

Rev. Petrus Tesschenmacker - 1683 - First Ordained Minister in the United States of America

Vor. Henderyck Kroesen - 1686-1717

Rev. Cornelius Van Santvoord 1717 -1742 

Rev. William Jackson - 1753 - 1802

Rev. Peter Van Pelt 1802 -1835

Rev. James Brownlee 1835-1895 

Rev. Alfred H. Demarest 1895-1901

Rev. J. Frederic Berg 1902-1911

Rev. Otto L.H. Mohn 1911-1928

Rev. Frank S. Fry 1929-1946

Rev. Cornelius Vander Naald 1948-1958

Rev. Jack H. Hascup 1959-1967

Rev. Fred W. Diekman  1968-1988

Rev. Debra L. Jameson 1989-1994

Rev. Ian S. Todd  1996-1998

Rev. Ruth Robbins 1999-2000

*Dates are when they served as Minister 

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